Our services

International platforms

By partnering with private investors to develop new healthcare facilities overseas, we are able to share our knowledge, skills and expertise, with all profits generated from this work reinvested back into the NHS for the benefit of UK patients.

As a ‘wrap-around’ service, we offer an advisory support and a quality assurance role to ensure high standards of clinical care are established and maintained at all overseas hospitals in our network.

This includes:

  • clinical advisory support and guidance
  • quality assurance
  • aligning clinical pathways, policies, and processes to NHS standards
  • supporting ongoing integration and service improvement programmes
  • providing access to a suite of education and training programmes
  • recruitment for key posts
  • procurement service support for major medical equipment or ongoing consumables
  • where appropriate, licensed use of the King’s College Hospital brand

As King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is a publicly owned and funded organisation, we cannot invest capital. We are not an operator but support the operator with the services listed above. We are unable to deliver NHS clinical services at the facility, but King’s doctors (once locally licensed) can see patients as part of their private practice as a visiting doctor.

Our partnership approach

Our priority is understanding your requirements to help you deliver a safe, high-quality, patient-focused service and to put in place an assurance framework to support this.


King’s College Hospital Dubai, UAE

King’s College Hospital Dubai opened in 2019 with a 100-bed multi-specialty hospital and two satellite outpatient clinics. It is currently undergoing an expansion which will double the facility bed-capacity to 200.

King’s College Hospital Jeddah, KSA

Artist Impression of hospital in Jeddah

King’s College Hospital Jeddah is due to open in Q1 of 2024 as a 150-bed multi-specialty hospital with four Centres of Excellence centred around obstetrics and gynaecology, orthopeadics, cardiac and diabetes and metabolic care.

African Medical Centre of Excellence in partnership with King’s College Hospital London, Abuja, Nigeria

The African Medical Centre of Excellence in partnership with King’s College Hospital London is due to open in Q1 of 2025 as a 170-bed hospital centred around non-communicable disease care – cardiac, oncology and haematology – and supported by world-class diagnostics.

King’s International Consortium

King’s International Consortium is the UK’s first official consortium of NHS providers and brings together six of the most innovative and internationally recognised healthcare providers from the UK’s National Health Service. The Consortium members have a proven record of delivering international projects and expertise across all clinical specialties.

The Consortium offers:

  • clinical and technical advice, representing the very best of NHS providers
  • capacity to support the delivery of large-scale projects
  • a ‘wrap around’ service to help establish new facilities
  • long term partnership arrangements demonstrating commitment to clients with similar values and ambitions
  • short term bespoke consultancy support focused on improvement to clinical services and patient outcomes

King’s International Consortium has the support of the NHS Export Collaborative, Healthcare UK, the NHS and the Department of Health & Social Care.