King’s OSCE Training Programme

Our Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) Training Programme is for internationally trained nurses who want to work in the UK.

The OSCE is a test of competence you will need to complete before applying to join the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) register and receiving your NMC PIN (unique registration number), which will allow you to work for a healthcare institution in the UK.

We coach, train and mentor

  • Our experienced trainers have helped hundreds of nurses pass the OSCE.
  • Our trainers not only work with you on the OSCE, but also provide pastoral care.
  • We offer a structured programme so nurses can plan their study time and use both online and workbook resources to sharpen their skills.
  • We understand that you are settling down into your new role and location. Our trainers can advise and support nurses on common challenges they may face and provide suitable advice.

How we support employers

  • Reduce deployment time for new internationally experienced candidates.
  • Reduce pressure on internal staff to deliver training.
  • King’s Commercial Services account manager will manage exam and candidate travel logistics from hospital to test centre and return.
  • We can also provide accommodation during the training period (optional).

How we support candidates

  • Provide a safe environment to practice and learn skills and procedures.
  • Access to trainers from the start of your course till you have passed your OSCE.
  • Online training videos and workbooks for practise and revision.
  • Share updated marking criteria to help in achieving maximum potential.
  • Training in an exam room setting.

Mode of delivery

Virtual training

Online training modules prepare nurses for the intensive face-to-face training. Nurses will have access to lectures, demonstrations and quizzes. Access to the platform is provided until you have passed your OSCE exam.

Face-to-face training

The five-day training programme will consist of two days of clinical skills and two days of APIE (the established means of assessing practical clinical practice) to prepare candidates to face their mock exam with confidence. This will be followed with feedback and recommendations on how to improve. All training materials will be provided.

We support OSCE training for the following nurses:

How to book

To discuss your OSCE training requirements and to receive a personalised quote, please contact us at